GMC & Buick Lease Return Center near Saginaw, MI

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GMC & Buick Lease Return Center near Saginaw, MI

One of the most popular ways locals park a new Buick or GMC in their driveway is through a new car lease. And while shoppers love the affordability and flexibility of a new GM lease, it's not uncommon for questions to arise once the leasing contract is due to expire. To help shed some light on the different ways drivers can return a car lease nearby -- and how easy it is to do so -- our Buick and GMC dealership near Saginaw put together this convenient guide explaining common lease-end options. After giving this a read, visit our GM lease return center in Bay City to discover your end-of-lease opportunities today.

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How Do I Return a Buick or GMC Lease in Bay City, MI?

The process is simple. If your GMC lease contract is coming due in the next few months, you'll want to start thinking about your three primary lease-end options:

  1. Turning in your leased vehicle and upgrading to a new Buick or GMC
  2. Purchasing your leased vehicle for the agreed-upon value stated in the contract
  3. Returning your leased vehicle and walking away

As you review each alternative in detail, be sure to schedule a trade-in appraisal before your Buick lease-end date approaches. And remember that all these options are potentially viable GMC lease return solutions -- the right choice for you depends on your specific needs and budget. That said, let's dive into why trading up to a new Buick or GMC is such a particularly compelling choice.

Trading In & Trading Up to a New Buick or GMC

Upgrading from your current lease to a new car is one of the most popular lease-end options at our local GMC dealership. Why? In short, equity. When you sign a new Buick lease with one of our GM finance specialists, the contract will include what's known as the residual value. This figure is what the car is predicted to be worth at the end of the lease term. Even if the car is worth less or more than the stated residual value at the lease-end date, this figure is the basis for your lease buyout price or trade-in value.

Today's historic market conditions for used cars in Michigan mean that car values have gone up over the past few years. If you're a lessee, this means that your Buick SUV or GMC truck is likely worth more than its residual value, something you can quickly check using our trade-in value calculator. Your car's equity -- the positive difference between its residual value and market value -- can then be used toward the down payment of one of the new trucks and SUVs for sale at our Bay City GMC dealership. In other words, the equity of your leased vehicle can help you pay less for a new GMC Sierra or Buick Enclave near Saginaw.

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Return a GMC Lease near Me

With used car values as high as they are, we're encouraging Buick SUV lease holders and GMC truck lessees to consider leveraging their vehicle's equity by trading up to one of the new cars for sale on our lot. Our GMC lease specialists and Buick finance experts can help you understand in more detail just how you can save big by returning a car lease in Bay City and driving home in one of the new GMC trucks or Buick SUVs we have available. To get started, contact Labadie Buick GMC today.

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